About Us

How we work?

At SVI India we understand the ideas of our clients thoroughly and deliver them the best functional , inspiring and innovative workspaces converting their dreams to reality. We start with conceptualizing and theme studies, followed by planning and space management. After providing appropriate lighting solutions, functionalities and acoustics, a proper budget planning is done deciding the time frames and customer satisfactions.

About SVI India

A ripened understanding of contemporary design, concepts and the maturity to comprehend and understand client’s requirements and dreams are some of the factors that gave SVI India, the endearing edge. We emphasize on delivering the quality & safe spaces, and are committed to work within deadliness, with ultimate finesse. Today SVI India is being rated as the leading Interior Contractors all over India and associated with variety of projects of leading organizations in the field. The varied nature of assignments had further enhanced expertise in diverse skills enabling them to seize many prestigious contracts. Up-to-the-minute in ever-evolving technological standards and trends, we have always ensured “value for money” to the clients. We believe it is our responsibility to pull the purse strings of our clients in order to ensure efficient utilization of finance. We believe in converting your dreams into actual workspaces. Whether it's about corporate offices, Industries, residential, commercial spaces or government projects, SVI India has always employed the best talents in the industry who brings fresh ideas resulting to practical, attractive and innovative designs supported by a high standard of technical documentation.